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AMS Technology ( Patent App Number GB1102398.3)

The AMS system has taken over 7 years to design, develop and implement. The system works by removing any guess work out of attaining rankings on the search engines. Through the utilisation of the AMS Technology we are able to provide rankings across the search engines Yahoo, Google and many others on a consistent and affordable basis. The one search engine it does not work on is Bing. Once we incorporate this system in to the website we are able to provide high rankings for very competitive key-terms:

How Does It Work

The AMS Technology was developed over a 7 years period through analysis of search engine ranking behaviour (Algorithms) and its criteria for rankings. Our in house-research team created over 1800 websites which were constructed in a  way to collect data and monitor what changes to a website effect and improve rankings. There were over 300 factors that were considered. All the data was collected from these websites and incorporated in to one system. By combing all the positive effects of what determines good rankings was combined to create the AMS technology.

Why It Works:

The reason why website that use the AMS technology works is because we have the data and logistics to give the search engine exactly what it wants. By utilising this system you are providing search engines the quality websites that they are looking for. There is no guess work., just a blue print for attaining high rankings. We have the blue print.

Difference between SEO and AMS

  • 1)SEO involves mainly analysing other websites with high rankings and attempting to copy those sites in their structure. A good example of this is Links. In order to rank your website above your competitors SEO's attempt to add more links which in turn becomes expensive.
  • 2)The AMS system does not use other websites as its foundation to attain rankings but rather the search engines themselves. Through our network of 1000s of websites we are able to track, monitor and collate data which is imperative to good rankings. This leads to us using only techniques which the search engines consider highly important and above all ethical.

Unlike SEO the AMS system is not heavily dependent on external links but rather the structure of the website as a whole. This is why the AMS technology is far better than any SEO techniques, as we have the data and the blue print for attaining rankings at an affordable price.


www.ppi.org.uk  PPI  Page 1   Click Here
www.nationalminibushire.co.uk    Minibus Hire
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www.taxiquoter.co.uk  Taxis
 Page 1   Click Here
www.locksmithondemand.co.uk  Locksmith  Page 1   Click Here


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Client Wants To Remain Anonymous
 Limo Hire
 Page 1   Click Here
www.london-minibus.co.uk  London Minibus
 Page 1   Click Here
www.datahealth.co.uk  Health Insurance
 Page 1   Click Here

Other Service Information:

Ark Marketing is a world leader in providing online solutions and internet marketing platforms. Our Organisation specialises in the provision of  competitive solutions to clients with accountable and profitable marketing strategies.

Founded by one of the leading online marketing and website development specialists in the country, Ark Marketing has extensive experience in all aspects of online client requirements. Whether it be a simple website or an advanced online E-commerce solution, we can help. In addition to providing award winning websites we have a very effective record in providing great search engine optimisation for our clients. All our clients rank on the front page for their chosen keyterms.

The staggering growth of an internet based economy has inevitably resulted in transitional requirements of web technologies. Here at Ark Marketing we are equipped and quailfied in the utilisation of methodolgies that are not only up to date, but are several years ahead of our competitors. This allows us to handle client campaigns from many different business backgrounds. Moreover by blending the aformentioned, with experience, competency and creativity our campaigns nearlly alway exceed client expectations. This inevitably leads to solutions which yield impressive results for clients and high levels of return on advertising budgets.

Our Services:  

Website design:

One of the most important factors that determine a success of business online is a website that meets the current standards of both fucntionality and use. Here at Ark Marketing our award winning website design services comes as standard. You can be guaranteed that a website by us, will almost certainly catch the attention of both your customers and competition. Our recent design projects include Locksmith Preston, Locksmith Wigan, locksmith Rochdale

Search Engine Optimisation:  

Ark Marketing founder is one of the leading Search Engine Opimisation (SEO) specialists in the country. With over ten years experience you can be assured that your website once optimised will out perform your competition. Ark Marketing offers world class SEO to improve your rankings in all the major search engines, mainly Google, Yahoo and MSN.

We have carried out work on a large amount local seo of coach hire and minibus hire websites which include:

E-commerce Wesite Design

We offer some of the best E-commerce soluions in the country. Our extensive experience in the understanding of usability, fuctionality and marketing enable us to provide a online shop that will not only look great but will also help you generate business. All this is available at some of the lowest prices in the country.In addition to the maitanance of  stock and order processing, our online e-commerce packages also come with website optimisation & marketing.


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