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Welcome to Naz Marketing. We are an internet marketing group specializing in web optimization, design, marketing, and bespoke usage. Upon choosing the right web design company, one ought to consider the importance of a design. Choosing the right one will ultimately decide your business fate.  At Naz marketing we employ the most experienced web designers that produce technically perfect designs.

Besides our obvious experience in technical design, we are experts in the following disciplines:

» Website Design- XHTML, CSS coding and a sharp focus on creating user-friendly websites.

» Website Optimization- i.e., maintenance, coding, and a friendly searchable engine.

» Functionality - CMS, developed to your perfect standards, Bespoke content systems.

» Marketing- A thorough understanding of your objective desires, and your pre-existing marketing strategies.

Because of our obsession to create the perfect design for our clients, we wanted to share a little bit more about that process. The design of a website is always personal and therefore requires different treatments. An effective design convinces users that they have ultimately arrived at the right place, that they have in fact found everything they need. The correct design needs to invite the user by attracting him or her to the website, which in turn will stop the individual from looking elsewhere. Here is a little more detail on the way in which we implement design: there are hand-drawn designs for quick layouts, Photoshop, which is perfect for instant internet-ready graphics, Adobe illustrator for other design elements, flash, which is often the preferred method because of its animation, movement options; Adobe Dreamweaver, which is the ultimate in design, and lastly CSS (cascading style sheets), which is used with HTML in order to elaborate on basic styles. CSS allows for a more advanced approach, and presents a more elaborately unique design.

After a presentable design is created, the website must then be developed: depending on the size of the project, either one individual or a team of individuals will begin the process. Most systems function best in XHTML; however, Naz Marketing deploys many similar languages: HTML, XML, RSS, PHP, MySQL, AJAX, Javascript, Actionscript, etc. Most of these markup languages are similar to one another and at least share some of the same properties. The HTML or affiliate language typically refers to the skeleton of the webpage.

Besides merely looking at the structure of the design, we at Naz Marketing are affiliated with the World Wide Web Consortium, which means that we must adhere to their regulations: a website must be built to industry standard coding.

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