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Logo and Branding

Every business needs an effective custom logo.It's time to have one made by the experts. A logo should entice the individual and pique his or her interest. Perhaps it strikes an emotion, or causes one to remember something profound; whatever the case, it needs to become etched in the mind. This is how you know that you have an effective logo. Amidst a sea of online companies, how can you standout, or at least separate yourself from the competition? An image says it all; it doesn't rely on the written word, so it has to jump out. Literally, there is only a second to capture the attention of a potential customer.

Why should you choose Naz Marketing to create the perfect logo for you?  First of all, we guarantee satisfaction or your money back. We want you to be successful! We want you to come back for other design ideas. We assure you that your image will reflect your logo. If it doesn't, simply let us know, and we will rework the concept. In addition to our obsession to make you happy, we have extensive experience in logo design. We make informed impressions and lasting ideas that proliferate throughout the marketplace. Thirdly, our designers know that your time is valuable. When you give us your specifications, we will promptly respond with our ideas and quotes. Typically, a draft of your logo is prepared in 3-5 days of your initial inquiry. In addition, for a nominal fee, we can have a draft sent to you in 24 hours. We also have the best customer service anywhere, and our agents are standing by waiting to assist you, 24 hours a day. Our unusually simple process allows you to stay in touch during the process, while the design team is working on your logo.

Our design team is extremely successful, creative, and brilliant. Not only are they passionate, they keep up with current trends, i.e., the various technologies, and they work closely with quality control supervisors as well.

A simple five-tier process is the only thing standing in the way of your perfect logo: fill out the online form with as much information as possible; wait for the email confirmation from us; if we have further questions, we will notify you; otherwise, we will send the first design samples on a secured site; once you sample the various logos, we can revise if needed and send back the new, improved logo for no extra charge. Lastly, you can send us confirmation with your approval, and we will send you a variety of graphic formats of your choice; and of course your copyright of the logo, for the final design, whether it's for print or internet.

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