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Website SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process where by someone modifies a website so that it matches closely with the requirements of the search engines. A properly optimised website SEO processwill rank well in the search engines becouse it will be indexed and read by the search engines. Major search engines like Google and Yahoo carry out the process of reading your website via computer programs which are refered to as "Spiders" and "Bots". If these programs like your website they will assign a value to the website. The higher that the value is assigned the better the rankings. It is the  job of a search engine optimiser to improve your website and give the search engines the information they are looking for so that they like what they see and thus move you up the rankings.

The success of any search engine optmisation campaign is to a large part dependant on what keywords are used. If the keyword is not that popular then the chances of attaining front page listings is easy. This is simply because there is less competition for that particular keyword. If the keyword  is popular then the process of optimising that keyword  is more difficult simply because there is more competition.  What guarantees success of getting your chosen keywords to the top is not neccesarly the choice of keywords but the company that you choose to carry out your search engine optmisation. Here at Naz Marketing, our clients in all sectors of business attain front page listings.

So how are we so succesfull at SEO? The answer lies in our abilities to cover all the essential requirements for websites to rank well in search engines. This can be divided up in to two parts. The first part is refferd to as On-Page SEO and the second part is reffered is reffered to as Off-Page SEO.

On Page SEO:

On page SEO refers to search engine optimisation carried out on the pages of your website. Various processes are carried out so that the website is search engine freindly as possible. Here are few of the essential processes that Naz Marketing carry out:

. Carry out analyses a audits to ensure that the search engines pick the pages up and include them in its database.
. Increase the value of the internal pages of the website by the utilsation of Anchor Text.
. Ensure all the code is enhanced for the search engines. This will include Title Tags, Meta Content and Descriptions.
. Analyse and improve content to code ratios. Also make sure that your code is valid by using tools such as W3C validator.
. Ensure all images on the website are optimised and the search engines can understand and read them.
. Plus much more

Off Page SEO:

This process, is very critical if one is looking to achieve high rankings. The single most important factor that determines Off-Page SEO success is link building. The more high quality links SEO Awardthat you have pointing to your website the better it is. However in order for thisto be a success one has to follow a strict criteria in Link Aquasition. Here are a few steps thatwe follow:

. All links will be placed on good quality websites all which regularly gets indexed
. All links will be placed on websites with a different IP Address
. All links will be either placed on the home page or 2 clicks away from the homepage
. All links will be relevant and the same theme as your website
. All links will be permanent one way links
. Varied Anchor Text to depict natural link attainment


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